Richness You Can't Resist!

Introducing The Color Gels Oils Coffeehouse Collection


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Wake up and smell the coffee with Redken’s  Color Gels Oils Coffeehouse Collection – an ode to the richness of coffee and the artistry of hair color. These 5 beautiful shades in a variety of reflects that cover gray up to 100% and are perfect for rejuvenating wiry grays with added shine and condition that has to be seen and felt to be believed!

We're celebrating this launch with a Coffehouse Collection Sweepstakes, where one lucky winner will receive a year of free coffee and a Color Gels Oils Bundle! Plus, CLICK HERE to view the new Color Gels Oils Recipe Book featuring formulas from some of our favorite professionals.

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Use these 5 new shades by themselves or formulate them with your choice of 38 Color Gels Oils shades for personalized Coffeehouse blends for gray coverage for any client. 


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This ammonia-free, fragrance-free, no drip liquid permanent color provides Redken’s deepest, most saturated coverage with minimal reflect leaving no question that grays are completely and beautifully covered with rich, luxurious color that includes 2% apricot oil to smooth wiry, brittle gray strands. 


CGO Benefit Iconography 1037 x 540Color Gels Oils is formulated for true-to-tone results on 100% gray hair and uses the Traditional Level System, so be sure to formulate accordingly for use on clients with lower levels of gray. 



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If your client is less than 50% gray, consider one of the following suggestions to ensure desired color results:  

  • 1. Lessen saturation and soften tone by mixing Clear into your formula 
  • 2. If you plan on including a shade from our NN series, consider substituting a corresponding N shade instead, as the N series provides less saturated tonality 
  • 3. Use a higher level developer to avoid results appearing deeper than expected. All Redken permanent lines share Redken’s Pro-oxide Developer which comes in 10, 20, 30, and 40 volumes 


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When it comes to application, Color Gels Oils consistency makes it easy to apply your way! While a bottle application is faster, a bowl and brush will offer extra control. Make the decision that’s best for you and your client’s hair! 

Want to learn more about Color Gels Oils, its breakthrough gray coverage technology, and pick up more expert tips? Check out Redken Ambassador and formulation maven Adrienne Dara’s free digital class, Get to Know Color Gels Oils, or get inspired by some of these gorgeous gray coverage transformations and formulations using our new Coffeehouse Collection shades! 


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No matter which Coffeehouse Collection shade you use, you’re guaranteed to be giving your client 100% covered grays with rejuvenating benefits and deep, rich color inspired by coffee – every stylist’s favorite tool to help them get through the day so they can cover that gray! Try new Color Gels Oils Coffeehouse Collection shades today, available at your local SalonCentric Store or for purchase online