5 Reasons You Need To Be Using A Lightener With Bonder Built-In


5 Reasons You Need To Be Using A Lightener With A Bonder Built In


While there’s no magic button you can push to squeeze more hours into your days behind the chair, there is one way you can get more out of the hours you’ve got: By using a lightener with a built-in bonder. 

Enter: Redken Flash Lift Pods Bonder Inside, which cuts the lightening and bonding processes down to a single step, saving time on treatments and protecting your clients’ hair during the lightening process. Instead of having to apply a bonder after the lightener, this product gets it all done in one fell swoop, preserving the health and integrity of your guest’s hair and leaving you with extra time in your day. 

“The biggest benefit to using a lightener with a bonder built-in is that you’re saving time while also getting the results you need without having to add steps to your lightening process,” says Redken Artist Lindsey Olson. “Every colorist wants to preserve the hair’s integrity during lightening services, and this product does it fast and provides great results.”

Still not convinced? Read on to learn why using a lightener with a built-in-bonder is the best thing you can do for your schedule—and for your clients’ hair. 

It Saves Time During Lightening Services

Time is one of the things that colorists never seem to have enough of, and combining lightening and bonding into a one-step process will save you a whole lot of it. “To have the bonding and lightening all in one-step without having to do a post-treatment or having it slow down the lightening process is a major time saver for colorists behind the chair,” says Olson. This way, you’re not wasting time by mixing a bonding additive, which means you’ll be able to squeeze even more productivity into your day. 

It Maintains The Integrity Of The Hair During Lightening Services


Lightening and breakage tend to go hand-in-hand, which is why the process requires a bonder in the first place. “During lightening services, bonds are broken in several different ways and at various levels, depending on the alkalinity of the product you’re using. When bonds are broken, that’s when the hair can become damaged,” says Olson. “Using a bonder helps prevent bonds from breaking during lightening and highlighting services. So if we can prevent bonds from breaking during lightening, the hair can get lighter without being damaged.” The result? Happy clients with healthy-looking hair who will return time and time again. 

It's Great For Color Correction Services


It’s hardly a secret that correcting someone’s hair color can take a lot of time, and using a lightener with a built-in bonder can help streamline the process. “With color correction services, you’re already spending a great deal of time doing the color application and processing, and when you don’t have a bonder built into your lightener, you’ll have to do an additional 10-minute post-lightening step before each shampoo,” says Olson. “When using a lightener with bonder built-in, you can lift at the normal processing rate and you don’t have to do any extra steps afterward. You can use the extra time to do a chemistry system treatment for the guest or even an Extreme CAT treatment versus spending time on the bonding step.” These care treatments will help to further preserve the health of your client's hair, and make the appointment a better overall experience for the both of you. 

It Works Great With Various Techniques


Another great thing about using a lightener with a built-in bonder? It doesn’t limit the types of techniques you’re able to do. “You can use Flash Lift Pods Bonder Inside or Flash Lift Bonder Inside in any lightening technique, from highlights to balayage to color correction,” says Olson. 

Using A Lightener With Bonder Can Boost Your Earnings

Time is money, as they say, and using a lightener with a built-in bonder can help you boost your monthly take home income. Streamlining your services with Flash Lift Pods Bonder Inside will allow you to see more clients in the course of the day, and you can use the extra time during your guest’s appointment to discuss other add-on treatments (which, added bonus, are great for her hair health).

And what’s more? Since Flash Lift Pods Bonder Inside features an additive that contributes to the health of your guest’s hair, you can adjust your service menu prices to reflect this premium service.

Remember, the price per application of Flash Lift Pods Bonder Inside is less than the price per application of a lightener and bonder purchased separately, so in the end, you’re making and saving more by using it.