Wet or Dry

Is it better to cut curls when they’re wet or dry? No two heads of curls are the same, so the method you choose for one client may not be right for the next. The cutting method or combination of methods you choose will vary depending on the needs of the client, their lifestyle and physical analysis of their hair. There are benefits to both methods.

Dry Cutting Benefits

• Allows you to see and cut any split ends or damage that may not be apparent when wet
• Great for those who wear their hair curly the majority of the time
• Gives an understanding as to how the hair is responding, especially curlier types that have a strong bounce-back factor

Wet Cutting Benefits

• Ideal for curls and waves that don’t have much definition and need to be wet to get movement
• Great for major changes, like taking long hair to a shorter length or creating a strong perimeter
• Excellent for creating strong geometric shapes
• Good for dry and brittle curls that can become flyaways while cutting